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Profile: Carmen Aldinger

Carmen Aldinger
Degree Conferral: 2007

Current research interests:
School health in low- and middle-income countries; currently overseeing life-skills based HIV education programs in Botswana and the Caribbean

Professional accomplishments:
Conducted a rapid systematic review of comprehensive school health interventions in low- and middle-income countries (not published yet).

Published a book with 26 school health case studies from around the world, analyzed by a framework of factors for implementation.

Published several articles from my dissertation data on implementing health-promoting schools in China.

How has your pursuit of the Lesley PhD in Educational Studies resulted in personal and/or professional opportunities for you?
Professionally, I advanced to a position with more responsibilities

Advice to Lesley doctoral candidates…
If you know early on what you want to write your dissertation about, then gear your writing assignments toward that topic so that you can potentially take some of your writing and later include it in your dissertation.



One thought on “Profile: Carmen Aldinger

  1. HI Carmen,
    Great to learn of your work in Botswana. A dream of mine is to travel to Africa and co-construct professional development endeavors with teachers who instruct early readers(grades K-3). Please let me know of any Fulbright-like opportunities that would facilitate my dream.

    Posted by MaryAnn Johnson | August 25, 2011, 8:56 pm

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