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Profile: Ann Moritz

Ann Moritz
Degree Conferral: 2007

Current research interests:
How issues of white privilege impact leadership traits among white leaders, and women in particular.

Professional accomplishments:

  • Lesley Leadership Council. Lesley University. 2011-present.
  • Boston YWCA Academy of Women Achievers. Host Committee. 2010-present.
  • George Hein Lecture Series. Lesley University. Keynote. March 2010.
  • Commonwealth Compact. Steering Committee. 2009-present.
  • Bystander Awareness Program. Boston. Simmons College. Participant, 2005. Trainer certification, 2006.
  • Building Alliances: Women Leaders and Race. Professional development workshop. Co-designer and co-facilitator. 2004-present.
  • Citywide Dialogues. Boston. Urban League. Anti-racism trainer certification. Facilitator.
  • Facilitator leadership task force. 2003-4.
  • Visions, Inc. Cambridge. Four-day workshop on multiculturalism. Certification. 2002
  • Gospel Night at the Pops. Boston Symphony Hall. Choir member. 1998-present.
  • ¬°CelebrateMilton! Milton, MA. Co-founder. Annual community event, awards and grants program with diversity focus. Co-chair, 1995-7. Board Chair, 1997-2001. Community Award, 1998. Board member, 1994-present.

How has your pursuit of the Lesley PhD in Educational Studies resulted in personal and/or professional opportunities for you?
It enhanced the focus of my consulting work on issues of diversity and inclusion.

What tips would you offer for those considering a doctoral degree, embarking upon the Lesley PhD, or for those candidates who are engaged in writing the dissertation.
Dedicate yourself to the process every bit as much as the product.



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