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Profile: Jill Buban

Jill Buban

Adult Learning, 2010 cohort

Research interests: 

I am currently researching virtual mentoring environments in adult learning focused institutions.  I am curious if faculty perceptions of these environments have any connection to the students’ life span stage.

Professional accomplishments:

Grants and Awards

  • Best in Track Award, Sloan-C International Conference, 2011
  • Explorations in Diversity and Academic Excellence Grant, SUNY Office of Diversity and Educational Equity, 2011
  • Ben Snow Foundation Grant, 2004


  • Buban, J.:”Empire State College’s Capacity and Expertise in Open and Distance Learning,” Empire State College, June 2011.
  • Buban, J.: “Professional Doctorate Programs,” Empire State College, June 2011.
  • Buban, J., Benke, M., Arnold, T., Hermann, K., Lamb, C., Logsdon, S.: “Academic Matters,” Empire State College, June 2011.


  • Buban, J., Lawrence, B., and Mackey, T.:” OERu: Reimagining Our Relationship to Content through the Design of Collaborative Educational Spaces,” Sloan-C, November 2011, Orlando, FL.
  • Buban, J. and Shideler, J.: “Challenging Leadership and Ownership: Collaborating in Teaching and Learning about Diversity,” Sloan-C, November 2011, Orlando, FL.
  • Abrahams, L., Buban, J., Harrington, A., and Rutstein-Riley, A.: “Emergent Doctoral Research in the Field of Emerging Adulthood: An Interactive Panel Presentation Conference on Emerging Adulthood,” October 2011, Providence RI.

What are your personal and professional hopes/goals for your PhD journey and beyond?

My PhD journey is allowing me to expand my knowledge in areas that are of great interest to me as well as assist me in my professional career.  I hope that this journey will allow me to look at the world through a knowledge-based, adult learner focused lens.

Has a particular book, author or thinker inspired your educational thinking?

Laurent Daloz both in my professional work with the students I mentor and in my educational pursuits.



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