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Profile: Marcelo Juica

Marcelo Juica
Educational Leadership: 2011 cohort

Current research interests:

As a Latino living in the U.S., I have always been passionate about my work in Education and in the community.  I really enjoy my time in projects with Immigrant and second language learners.  I have worked with Latino families, youth and children for a long time – and I truly appreciate my learning experiences, and my work in the community.  I am interested in a few areas:

  • The role of community based organizations in developing bilingual identities for youth and children (focusing on afterschool programs for Latino youth)
  • How technology- education can help English Language Learners to succeed in school
  • Adult Programs for English Language Learners & Immigrant students.

Professional accomplishments:

I have had the great opportunity to serve in different settings within community education (as program coordinator, volunteer, teacher, etc), and I served as the Executive Director of the Latino Afterschool Initiative (from 2002-2009).  I have been a supporter of afterschool programs for a long time, especially those programs that support ELL’s and recent immigrants.  Recently, I co-authored a Guide to Support English Language Learners in Out-of-School Time and School-Age Programs (Boston Children’s Museum and LASI, 2009 – FREE to download).  I am currently a faculty member of the Urban College of Boston, a small college in downtown Boston, where I am leading a research-project focusing on Adult English Language Learners who are seeking their associate’s degree in early childhood education.

What are your personal and professional hopes and goals for your PhD journey and beyond?

I hope to continue teaching at the college level, to engage in research projects to focus on bilinguals, ELL’s, and Immigrant youth.   I hope to continue my work in the community as a scholar, board member, philanthropist or volunteer.

Has a particular book, author or thinker inspired your educational thinking?

Paulo Freire, Maria Brisk, Debra Meier, Lisa Delpit — and others.



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