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Profile: Peter Cormier

Peter Cormier
Individually Designed Specialization

Degree Conferral: Nov, 2011

What is the title of your dissertation?

My title is: The Engagement Practices of Performing Arts-Makers: A Phenomenological Case Study of Prometheus Bound, The Rock Musical.

How have your research interests grown/developed/changed along your doctoral study path? 

As founder and managing director of two arts-based nonprofits (Cornerstone Performing Arts Center and Sterling Music Exchange) I have long been interested in the impact of the performing arts on community engagement.  My doctoral research has provided the opportunity to conduct a ‘deep dive’ into the practices of specific performing-arts makers to explore this phenomenon.

Professional accomplishments:

In 2011, I presented a paper at the Massachusetts Conference on Service and Volunteering entitled: The Engagement Practices of Performing Arts-Making: A Launch Pad for Volunteerism?

In 2012, I will be one of the three presenters and panelists at the annual George Hein Lecture at Lesley on March 28.  I will also be presenting a paper on my dissertation research at the 8th International Congress of Qualitative Research in May, 2012 at the University of Illinois.

What are your personal and professional “post-PhD” hopes or goals?

I hope to continue to explore the liminal zone that exists between performing arts-makers and audience members.  I want to study the altruistic phenomenon of other-oriented behavior, which appears to be practiced by performing arts-makers as a result of their participation within the liminal zone.

Has a particular book, author or thinker inspired your educational thinking?

Artist Suzanne Lacy and artist/scholar Charles Garonian have both developed conceptual models of engagement that have informed my research and that I believe may be useful to explain the nature, characteristics and influence of the liminal zone on performing arts-makers.



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