Welcome Dr. Dentith

We welcome the newest member of the PhD in Educational Studies faculty: Associate Professor, Dr. Audrey Dentith has joined the program faculty.

Audrey M. Dentith, Ph.D. (Penn State University) has been an educator for three decades. Her career began as an urban public school secondary teacher in Pennsylvania. She earned an M.S in Special Education from Bloomsburg State University. After 8 years as a public school teacher, she left to open a large childcare center in Northeastern PA where she held the position of Executive Director for several years. During this time, she earned an M.Ed from Temple University in Psycho-educational Processes, and also worked as a trainer and a regional administrator for Head Start during this time. Over the years, she has consulted with schools and educational agencies on a wide range of curricular development needs and accommodations for students based on disabilities, gender, and other issues related to institutional and cultural inequities. She also developed and delivered numerous workshops for educators and administrators related to these issues.

Her Ph.D work at Penn State University centered around the social construction of identities including gender. She studied feminisms, cultural, critical and curriculum studies. Her dissertation on girls’ identities and resistance in the sexualized context of Las Vegas was nominated for the Selma Greenberg Award for outstanding research on women and gender issues. This work has been published in Gender & Education, the journal of Sociology and the Forum for Qualitative Social Research. Since earning her Ph.D. in Curriculum & Supervision, she has held positions as Visiting, Assistant or Associate Professor at the University of Nevada, Reno, Monmouth University in New Jersey, the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and the University of Texas San Antonio. She consults with educational agencies in the areas of curriculum development, gender issues in education, and action research.

She has taught courses in administrative leadership, adult education, curriculum theory and planning, women’s leadership, interdisciplinary studies, and qualitative research methods. She has published 25 refereed articles on her research and 15 book chapters on gender issues and the curriculum.  She has presented more than 50 papers or symposiums at national, regional and international conferences. Her articles appear in such journals as: Educational Forum, International Journal of Inclusive Education, Democracy and Education, Curriculum & Pedagogy, Urban Education and the Journal of Research on Leadership in Education.

Her current interests are in ecofeminism and feminist public pedagogies. She is currently working on a film project based on an academy on ecojustice issues she designed for educators in the San Antonio area. She is also working on an invited book chapter on feminisms and public pedagogies to be included in a edited volume for Routledge Press. And, she continues to work on two book projects including an edited book on interdisciplinarity in higher education, and a sourcebook or primer for educators on feminisms and education.



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