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Video: Susan Spear’s dissertation research presentation

NOW viewable online! click to view Susan Spear’s Dissertation Presentation ———————————————————————————– On Thursday, Oct 6, Susan Spear shared her research, presented in her dissertation, “Whatever Works”: Teaching Adults with Learning Difficulties in Adult Basic Education Programs. Susan is a graduate of the Adult Learning specialization of the Lesley PhD program in Educational Studies.

Recent Faculty Publications: Jo Ann Gammel

Recent articles co-authored by Jo Ann Gammel, faculty in both the Adult Learning and Educational Leadership specializations.

Profile: Jill Buban

Jill Buban Adult Learning, 2010 cohort Research interests:  I am currently researching virtual mentoring environments in adult learning focused institutions.  I am curious if faculty perceptions of these environments have any connection to the students’ life span stage.

Amy Rutstein Riley’s project awarded AAUW Grant

View a recent article of Dr. Rutstein-Riley’s project, Girls, Media, and You!, awarded prestigious AAUW Community Action Grant.

Alumni Publication: Carmen Aldinger

Aldinger, C., & Whitman, C. V. (2009). Case studies in global school health promotion from research to practice. New York: Springer.

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