Interdisciplinary Studies

Ph.D. Program in Educational Studies: Interdisciplinary Studies

The Ph.D. Program in Educational Studies is designed for students who wish to pursue advanced study and scholarship. Our students are professionals who wish to make an intellectual contribution to their fields of interest. Educational Studies is defined at Lesley as an interdisciplinary area of inquiry that includes the examination of the individual and social processes of learning and teaching in institutional and social contexts. Scholarship involves integrating the study of cognition, learning, and human development with the study of institutions, organizations and cultures, with the aim of relating theory to educational practices. The program is intended to promote scholarly inquiry throughout the lifespan.

In this 45 credit program, the domain of inquiry is structured by the student and supervised by a senior faculty advisor. Students move through three phases of doctoral study: development of an individualized Doctoral Study Plan (Phase I), completion of the courses specified in the individual plan and completion of Qualifying Paper(s) (Phase II), and writing a dissertation prospectus, engagement in dissertation research, writing of dissertation, and presentation of dissertation finding to the Lesley University community (Phase III).



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